Protect Your Firm Against Ransomware and Cyber AttacksM



Ransomware can cause tremendous disruptions to business operations and lead to significant data and financial loss. Cybersecurity poses a practical minefield for staffing firms: Not only must firms defend against constantly evolving technologies and cyber attacks, they must also be prepared—before a breach occurs—to mitigate potential criminal, civil, and regulatory damages.

During this webinar, attorneys from Fox Rothschild LLP will explain the liabilities companies can face as the result of a security breach and discuss what you can do to protect your firm against cyber attacks.

During this webinar, attendees will learn about

  • What methods of attack criminals use, and where companies are most vulnerable
  • How to bolster their company’s security culture
  • What phishing and ransomware attack trends to watch out for


Diane J. Geller, partner, Fox Rothschild LLP
Mark G. McCreary, CIPP/US, chief privacy officer and partner, Fox Rothschild LLP

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