Recruiter Onboarding for Today’s Staffing and Recruiting Firm


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The past few years have seen learning technology and practices advance by leaps and bounds. Yet most staffing and recruiting firms continue to rely on outdated recruiter onboarding methods that rarely produce the desired results. The typical staffing firm today neglects to take full advantage of modern learning practices and technology, has to take top performers out of production to facilitate training, and struggles to make recruiter onboarding success scalable and repeatable.

Join Dan Fisher of Menemsha Group for this informative session on recruiter onboarding. Drawing on lessons from his work with hundreds of staffing and recruiting firms, which includes designing and facilitating recruiter onboarding, Fisher will share his insights into the best practices that accelerate new hire time to quota attainment. Learn how you can transform your recruiter onboarding program into an organizational capability that drives revenue growth, fosters employee retention, and makes onboarding a unique differentiator for your organization.

During this webinar, attendees will learn

  • How to update recruiter onboarding methods with results-oriented strategies
  • How to keep top performers in production while new recruiters are trained
  • How to create scalable, repeatable onboarding programs


Dan Fisher

Dan Fisher

Founder, Menemsha Group

Fisher is responsible for the day-to-day leadership of Menemsha Group and has been instrumental in the successful transition of the company from a founder-driven, services-only business to a software-as-a-service-based sales enablement solutions provider. He has personally consulted with more than 400 staffing and recruiting agencies and trained and coached thousands of sales reps and recruiters while implementing scalable, repeatable processes to support successful change management initiatives.

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