Recruiting Challenges in the Office–Administrative Sector—What’s Working, What’s NotM


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With unemployment at record lows, sourcing candidates has become harder than ever—especially in the office and administrative sector.

What can you do to find the candidates you need to fill your job openings? Just spending more on job posts is not the answer.

In this webinar Brad Smith of Haley Marketing Group will introduce you to the “Four Pillars of Recruitment Marketing” and show you smarter, more cost-effective ways to attract talent, build your employment brand, and—most important—get more people applying for your job openings.

During this webinar, attendees will learn

  • What the “Four Pillars of Recruitment Marketing” are
  • How to optimize your website to get more people to apply and use social media for recruiting
  • How to get a greater response (and lower cost per application) from your job board spend
  • Strategies to improve your employment brand and win talent away from competitors
  • What’s working for other office and administrative staffing agencies


Brad Smith, director, SEO and social media marketing, Haley Marketing Group Inc.

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