Is Your Firm Complying With the Revised Fair Credit Reporting Act?



As employers rely on background checks of job applicants and employees to maintain a safe and secure working environment and satisfy contractual and statutory requirements, they must navigate a complex maze of federal, state, and local requirements and be aware of potential legal risks.

The Fair Credit Reporting Act is the federal law that regulates employers’ use of consumer reports, more commonly known as “background checks” or “background reports.” Before obtaining a report from a consumer reporting agency for employment purposes, employers typically must provide “clear and conspicuous” written disclosure to a candidate or employee that a report may be obtained and receive written authorization from the candidate or employee.

During this webinar, learn how your company can comply with discrimination and privacy laws and avoid costly litigation and administrative actions.

During this webinar, attendees will learn

  • How to identify procedures that put companies at risk for noncompliance with FCRA requirements, and how to revise them to become compliant
  • How to assess policies and procedures to determine if appropriate disclosures are provided to current and prospective employees before obtaining consumer reports
  • Which disclosures and policies employers can quickly implement to avoid FCRA violations


Casey Erick, lawyer, Shareholder, Kessler Collins PC

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