Creating a Strategy and Structure to Set Your Business Up for Continued Growth



Shad Tidler works with presidents, chief executive officers, owners, and leaders of companies to create strategic growth plans to take their businesses to the next level. In this interactive session, he will teach you how to develop a strategy and create a structure to ensure your business continues to grow in the direction you set for 2022 and beyond. Learn what challenges might prevent you from creating the strategy and structure, find out why these challenges occur, and get actionable steps you can use to ensure that you put these pieces in place to grow your business. This webinar will help you to define what is needed to create and develop an effective growth strategy for your business.

During this webinar, attendees will learn

  • What challenges can hinder a growth strategy and structure for growing a businesses, and why these occur
  • What is necessary for creating a strong strategy and structure for growing a business
  • How to implement the strategy and structure to grow your business now and in the future


Shad TidlerShad Tidler

Sales and leadership consultant, Lushin Inc.

Shad Tidler has extensive global business experience and an Ironman triathlete’s discipline and tenacity. As a sales process consultant, he focuses on creating scalable, repeatable processes to ensure client success. He excels at helping clients define goals, develop plans, and understand how to execute training in real life.

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