Win the Relationship, Not the Deal: Six Business Principles to Win More Clients



In staffing, it’s not always enough to win a contract or gain a customer—to be truly successful, staffing salespeople need to win over clients and build longer-term connections: win the relationship, as author and leadership coach Casey Jacox, formerly a top salesperson at Kforce, asserts. In this interactive session, Jacox will share the six core principles proven to help you build value so that you can win more customers.

During this webinar, attendees will learn

  • How salespeople in staffing can use simple but highly effective strategies to win more relationships
  • How the two key principles of “tell me; explain for me; describe for me” (TED) and “vulnerability, authenticity, levelheadedness, understanding of others, and empathy” (VALUE) will help you connect with clients
  • How to unlock the power of humility and vulnerability to build connections with clients


Casey Jacox, author, Sales, and leadership coach, Winning the Relationship LLC

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