Talent Tech Labs: Top Five Talent Acquisition Technology Trends for 2018



Perhaps the most insightful revelations about emerging technology can be gleaned when you take a step back and survey the landscape for trends. Some of the developments will be additive, meaning they can help you advance or perfect your business through increased effectiveness, smoother processes, or lowered costs.

Talent Tech Labs has identified the top five trends for the first half of 2018. Brian Delle Donne and Jonathan Kestenbaum of Talent Tech Labs will look at each trend and share their sense of how additive or disruptive the trend is likely to be. They’ll also define the trend and describe why it’s emerging now and how staffing firms might leverage the developments. They’ll highlight the basic features and functionality represented in the trending technology and conclude with typical revenue models in play today.

During this webinar, attendees will learn

  • The importance and value of technology to their business
  • What trends are emerging in the industry
  • How to watch for disruptive changes in and around staffing
  • What the top five technology trends for staffing are
  • How to transform the industry with their ideas
  • How to recognize typical revenue models


Brian Delle Donne, president, Talent Tech Labs
Jonathan Kestenbaum, managing director, Talent Tech Labs

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