Three Plans to Implement Now for Consistent Growth



Growth is always the goal for staffing firms, but the practices that may lead to it are numerous. In times of uncertainty such as the current pandemic, determining the path to growth can be even more difficult. By narrowing down the various available strategies to just those that will result in the highest potential impact, firms can realize sustained growth.

In this session, ASA past chairman Susie Dietrich and Joel Schaffer share how they partnered together to concentrate on three areas of focus that led to an increase in top- and bottom-line revenue.

During this webinar, attendees will learn

  • Why leadership is the most important factor in your firm’s growth
  • Ways you can make the right moves in this “new normal” to create sustainable growth
  • How to get the most from performance management and coaching
  • Tactics for increasing employee engagement and retaining talent


Susie Dietrich, president, AllTek Staffing and Resource Group Inc.
Joel Schaffer, principal, Butler Street

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