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2017 Staffing Industry Playbook

These figures are available for public use without prior consent provided that ASA and the 2017 Staffing Industry Playbook is sourced. JPEG files are suitable for PowerPoint presentations and web use. TIFF files are suitable for print.


TIFF file JPEG file
Gross Domestic Product 3 MB 147 KB
Unemployment Rate 2 MB 85 KB
Job Openings and Hires 3 MB 169 KB
Labor Force Participation Rate 2 MB 152 KB


TIFF file JPEG file
ASA Staffing Index 3 MB 185 KB
Average Weekly Staffing Employment 5 MB 246 KB
Annual Staffing Employment 3 MB 129 KB
Staffing Penetration Rate 2 MB 115 KB
Staffing and Recruiting Industry Sales 3 MB 151 KB


TIFF file JPEG file
Forecasting Economic Growth 3 MB 77 KB
Staffing Growth Surpasses GDP 3 MB 64 KB
Employment Growth by Industry 3 MB 126 KB
Top 10 Industries for Projected Employment Growth 2 MB 174 KB


TIFF file JPEG file
Occupational Distribution of Staffing Employees 3 MB 89 KB
Staffing Employee Turnover and Tenure 3 MB 133 KB
Staffing Market Size 3 MB 90 KB
Staffing Drivers by Sector—Bridge to Permanent Employment 3 MB 98 KB
Staffing Drivers by Sector—Flexibility 3 MB 88 KB
Permanent Job Offers by Sector 3 MB 107 KB

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