Essential Elements of Staffing Technology

The technology-related solutions available to the staffing, recruiting, and workforce solutions industry are vast, and not always easy to interpret and implement. ASA's integrated ecosystem map details the functionality of emerging technologies and companies along the continuum aimed at helping your company succeed.

A Staffing Technology Ecosystem

Thanks to surveys of its membership, including company executives, ASA knows that finding and employing quality talent and staying ahead of technology solutions that can enhance operations are among the top up-at-night issues for its members and the industry overall.

ASA has enlisted Talent Tech Labs, a New York City-based organization that engages in investigation, research, validation, and acceleration of talent acquisition technology. Using its current work focused on technology solutions for the industry, the association partnered with TTL to produce the Essential Elements of Staffing Technology—a first-of-its-kind discovery and discussion tool to help industry leaders better understand technology’s role in staffing, present and future.

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The Essential Elements of Staffing Technology

ASA members can explore the Elements of Staffing Technology at the link below:

Explore Talent Acquisition Technology

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Source, Engage, Select and Hire Talent

This tool aims to identify emerging technologies that will affect staffing and recruiting; innovation that will propel positive advances in the business; and competitive threats as they emerge and take shape. It features a unique taxonomy that aims to organize the information so that it’s easy to determine specific offerings and functionalities across the staffing and recruiting continuum, which features four stages: source, engageselect and hire.


1. Source

This first stage of the staffing and recruiting continuum includes these verticals:

  • Job advertising
  • Online staffing
  • Social networks & search
  • Referral tools

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2. Engage

This second stage of the staffing and recruiting continuum includes these verticals:

  • Bots

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3. Select

This third stage of the staffing and recruiting continuum includes these verticals:

  • Candidate relationship management
  • Video interviewing
  • Assessment tools
  • Matching systems

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4. Hire

This last stage of the staffing and recruiting continuum includes these verticals:

  • Recommendation & reference
  • Applicant tracking systems
  • Interview management tools
  • Platform tools
  • Vendor & freelance management systems

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Note: The Essential Elements of Staffing Technology is a dynamic tool, and ASA will update this resource periodically as technologies and market conditions continue to evolve.


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