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The American Staffing Association Workforce Monitor survey series focuses on current U.S. workforce trends and issues. Here you can see and download a summary of survey findings and infographics on the results.

Seven Top Deal-Breakers When Applying for, Accepting a Job

More than half of U.S. adults (53%) say the No. 1 deal-breaker that would deter them from applying to or accepting an offer of employment is inappropriate interview questions. Other reasons that half of people would refrain from applying for a job or accepting an offer of employment include unrealistic job or skill requirements (51%), misrepresenting job duties (50%), and aggressive behavior of the recruiter or hiring manager (49%).

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Talent Identify Recruiting Deal-Breakers


ASA Workforce MonitorNearly half of employed U.S. job seekers (49%) believe AI tools used in job recruiting are more biased than their human counterparts. View the results & download the infographics »
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