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ASA Files New Legal Challenge to New Jersey Temporary Worker Law

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ISM Reports Economic Improvement to Continue Through 2024

CEO Confidence Rises in May Poll on Fed Hopes

Forecasters Anticipate Higher Near-Term Growth and Job Gains

ASA Celebrates Youth Apprenticeship Week

Staffing Industry Connects Workers to Apprenticeship Opportunities The American Staffing Association is proud to join with organizations around the country in celebrating the first Youth Apprenticeship Week from May 5 to 11 in the United States. “Youth apprenticeships provide a way for those entering the workforce to earn while they learn some of the most…

Top 10 Staffing Trends for 2024

Achieving enduring success in staffing hinges on adaptability—being ready to navigate through various challenges or seize unexpected opportunities. The upcoming year holds the potential for unprecedented growth, but it also might uncover the necessity for innovative avenues of expansion, enhanced profit margins, and a broader market presence in the face of economic contractions.

Wage Inflation: How Staffing Can Ride the Tide

Step into the dynamic realm of postpandemic economics, where 2024 unfolds as a pivotal chapter in the labor market saga. Wage inflation takes the spotlight, driven by increased labor demand and Federal Reserve policies. Explore the intricacies of wage gains across industries and demographics, offering insights into their impact on strategic staffing decisions. ASA delivers staffing-specific analysis of deep data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and explains the impact to staffing.

Fed Leaves Rates Unchanged, Flags ‘Lack of Further Progress’ on Inflation

Private Sector Employment Increased by 192,000 Jobs in April

Ban on Noncompete Agreements Sends Shockwave Across Wall Street

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