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Positioning the Industry for the Future

What does the future have in store for the staffing, recruiting, and workforce solutions industry? ASA is positioning the industry as an essential driver of workforce innovation, economic growth, and public policy solutions.

ASA Strategy

With input from more than 1,300 industry executives, ASA has developed a strategic plan. The ASA strategic plan—supported by industry-specific research and data and technology solutions—is fueled by achievements in four focus areas and ultimately results in valuable public policy solutions, workforce innovation, and economic growth. Click on the graphic above to enlarge it.

ASA Provides Strategic Solutions

Learn how ASA provides its members with strategic solutions to workforce issues and industry-specific challenges, and see how the association is positioning the industry and its member companies for the future based on these core objectives.

Operational Excellence

Enhance operational excellence within the industry to develop higher quality service and improve efficiencies

Public Policy Advocacy

Offer solutions to workforce issues that enhance the industry’s public policy and advocacy role at national and international levels

Thought Leadership

Engage thought leaders from diverse communities and disciplines to develop innovative workforce solutions

Industry Promotion

Promote the industry and the value of staffing company services to clients, workers, and the public

Market Intelligence

Develop enhanced market intelligence, research and data, and industry-specific analysis

Technology Solutions

Improve industry understanding of technology trends to foster innovation and adoptions

ASA Workforce MonitorNearly half of employed U.S. job seekers (49%) believe AI tools used in job recruiting are more biased than their human counterparts. View the results & download the infographics »
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