Shaya De Oleo Medina

Shaya De Oleo Medina reached out to a recruiter when her job prospects looked dim. That relationship quickly uncovered a passion for learning and outstanding work ethic that not only landed her in a permanent position, but earned her well-deserved recognition. Meet the 2019 National Staffing Employee of the Year.
She could have let any of the challenges throughout her life discourage her from pursuing personal happiness—but she didn’t. Even when things looked bleak, she held out hope that she could find gainful employment and make her American dream happen. What finally sparked her success? An attentive recruiter at a standout staffing company that recognized her drive, ambition, and potential. Meet Violeta “Shaya” De Oleo Medina, this year’s ASA National Staffing Employee of the Year.

The first thing you notice about Violeta “Shaya” De Oleo Medina is that she smiles—a lot.

It’s a hard-earned smile, one that has fought a lifetime of obstacles and heartbreak that many would not be resilient enough to overcome. Her story is a tribute to persistence, maintaining a positive attitude, and having a desire to learn and grow, no matter what it takes.

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Shaya De Oleo Medina, 2019 Natinoal Staffing Employee of the Year

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