ASA Direct Hire Staffing Series, Part 2: Getting a Deal to the Finish Line


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As a follow-up to the “Top Performer Panel,” the first webinar in the ASA direct hire staffing series, a panel of experts will teach recruiters how to get deals to the finish line. Listen to John Bengal of the Reserves Network, Lori Malett of Hatch Staffing Services, and Kim Whiteley of Mee Derby speak about the secrets to ensuring your deals make it to closing.

During this webinar, attendees will learn

  • The typical issues that make deals fall apart
  • Why it’s worth the effort to prepare and debrief your candidates
  • How to update, validate, and reinforce information with candidates and clients to get (and keep) their buy-in


John Bengal, director of search, The Reserves Network
Lori Malett, president, Hatch Staffing Services
Kim Whiteley, director and executive recruiter, Mee Derby

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