Assistants 2.0: Leveraging a Company’s Most Powerful Secret Weapon



Administrative assistants are the right arms to their managers. There may never have been a better—or more complicated—time to work as an assistant, which means that the stakes are high for staffing professionals and their clients. Get insight into how to strengthen and maximize relationships between managers and assistants. From the job description to the interviews to training, this session will outline a step-by-step plan to set up administrative assistants to be their companies’ most powerful secret weapons.

During this webinar, attendees will learn

  • How to increase employee retention through the improved setting of expectations in job descriptions and interviews
  • How to improve employee morale by supporting assistant candidates to commit to ongoing professional development
  • How to boost profits through a deeper understanding of the value of the modern assistant role, resulting in negotiating higher salaries
  • How to create a more stable workplace by supporting the assistant-manager relationship


Bonnie Low-Kramen, chief executive officer, Ultimate Assistant Training

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