Becoming a Recruiter of Excellence in the Office–Administrative Section



Being a recruiter requires you to handle many different types of tasks—sometimes at the same time. You may be a great recruiter, but you could be a recruiter of excellence if you incorporate some fundamental planning habits into your day.

In this ASA webinar, instructor Steve Thornley will teach you how to navigate the world of office–administrative staffing, and thrive, despite the current Covid-19 pandemic. He will dive in to specific methods for developing habits and daily workflow systems to increase your volume of placements and your efficiency.

Find out how to create sustainable daily planning habits, maximize sourcing time and sourcing techniques, and establish goals that translate into daily management of significant tasks and productivity time blocks, resulting in more placements.

During this webinar, attendees will learn

  • How to create a sustainable daily plan and planning habits
  • How to adopt new sourcing techniques and a daily sourcing strategy
  • Tricks for utilizing a goal planning system that produces self-managed productivity time blocks


Steve Thornley, CSC, Reliatus LLC

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