The Champion Recruiter, Part 1 | Going Old School to Become a New-School Master



Some old-school tactics that recruiters are used to using prove less effective in an era where technology tends to get in the way of success instead of enhancing it. A recruiter who did over $200,000 on a search desk 25 years ago would have been in the top 5% of recruiters nationally. Why hasn’t that number risen? Recruiters have lost the fundamental skills that made this profession a success. In this series, Greg Doersching will explain how to bring back old-school practices that will make you a new-school master.

During this webinar, attendees will learn

  • How to organize and prioritize a desk for success
  • How to understand what people are listening for so you can turn them into candidates
  • How to tell a flawless recruiting story
  • Best practices for cold call recruiting


Greg Doersching, founder, The Griffin Search Group and Bullseye Mentor Training

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