Staffing STATS—The 2022 Staffing Industry Playbook


This program sponsored by:
Essential StaffCARE


Join Scott Vanderbilt of ASA for a strategic look at the 2022 Staffing Industry Playbook data and analysis. Hot off the presses, the print playbook will hit mailboxes soon. Have your copy handy because there are dedicated places for your notes as you follow along during this webinar. Sponsored by Essential StaffCARE.

Everyone who registers for Staffing STATS will receive the infographics discussed in that webinar—for sharing with peers, including in presentations, or sharing on social media.


Scott VanderbiltScott Vanderbilt

senior director, research, American Staffing Association

Scott Vanderbilt, senior director of research, American Staffing Association, leads a team of researchers collecting and analyzing data from government sources and internal research efforts. He has a background in and conducts studies in quantitative and qualitative research methods as well as statistical analysis.

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