Digital Marketing Trends for 2021 Webinar Series, Part 1—The Proven Process: How Marketing Can Help You Come Out of Covid-19 Stronger



Covid-19 was the curveball no one expected. Now, with nearly everything happening virtually, prospective clients are looking online to validate (or discredit) their decision to partner with you. Does your online presence help or hurt you?

Join Kelli Schutrop, director of sales and marketing for Parqa Marketing, to learn how building your brand credibility, online visibility, and lead generation will help you come out of Covid-19 stronger. Whether you’ve been investing in successful marketing for years or have not given it much thought, it’s time to learn a proven process of digital marketing. This presentation will provide tangible takeaways you can implement (internally) within days, as well as a roadmap for how to implement a marketing strategy to achieve results for years to come.

During this webinar, attendees will learn

  • How to evaluate if your online presence is helping or hurting you in attracting new business
  • How to identify easy ways to improve your website, social media, and content strategy
  • How to determine next steps for putting together a long-term marketing strategy to achieve your business goals


Kelli Schutrop, director of sales and marketing, Parqa

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