Double Your Current Client Revenue or Get Squeezed Out



According to industry research, 66% of companies are reducing how many staffing suppliers they use, and 26% will be looking to consolidate suppliers over the next two years. Successful firms know how to optimize their position when these consolidations take place by focusing on the right metrics so they don’t lose their most important accounts.

This session will teach you how to quantify the health of your largest accounts by measuring the things that matter—your relationships with key decision makers, how competitors are positioned in your account, the signals of dissatisfaction and loyalty, and key operational and financial service-level agreements. Focusing these “health indicators” can double your firm’s business with the accounts it already has.

During this webinar, attendees will learn

  • What matters in your client relationships
  • How to strengthen relationships with your clients
  • The warning signs of clients at risk
  • How to double your growth without selling another client


Mary Ann McLaughlin, managing partner, Butler Street LLC

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