Establishing an Effective Candidate and Prospect Process for Your Business



Have you ever had a great phone conversation with a candidate who then didn’t show up for the interview you scheduled? Have you had a promising meeting with a prospective client who then said they were going to get proposals from your competition? Was there anything you could have done differently to get the candidate or client to take action?

There is a hidden process that candidates and prospective clients follow when deciding if they’ll work with a staffing company. But you can establish an effective structure, and implement your own process, to make it easier to get clear feedback and firm decisions from candidates and prospective clients.

During this webinar, attendees will learn

  • What hidden process prospects follow when deciding to work with you
  • Which five common weaknesses can cause you to get caught in your prospect’s process
  • How to establish an effective candidate and sales qualification process that will help you override the prospect’s process


Shad Tidler, consultant, Lushin & Associates

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