Think Like a Developer Tech Series, Part II: Facilitating Effective Technical Interviews


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Recruiters often feel lost when it comes to facilitating technical interviews. Many don’t know what follow-up questions to ask. Some are afraid to let candidates know they don’t understand the candidates’ work.

The key to effective technical interviews is to have a structure for these conversations that mirrors the workflow that all developers follow when developing software. In this webinar, Alison Daley of Recruiting Innovation will share a technical tool kit derived from the development process that provides recruiters a proven methodology for holding consistent, credible technical interviews, every time. This is the second webinar in a series meant to help technical recruiters relate to candidates.

During this webinar, attendees will learn

  • How to have engaging, useful, and credible interviews with technical talent
  • How to use tools from the software development process in your recruiting process
  • How to develop a framework for learning about new roles


Alison Daley, founder and chief executive officer, Recruiting Innovation

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