Government Contracting—Becoming a Certified 8(a) Firm


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U.S. federal government contracts represent tremendous sales and revenue opportunity for small businesses. The government is particularly motivated to include small businesses—it buys their goods and services to ensure that large businesses don’t “muscle out” small businesses, to gain access to the new ideas small businesses are great at providing, to support small businesses as engines of economic development and job creation, and to offer opportunities to disadvantaged social and ethnic groups. Most government agencies set aside a percentage of their acquisitions budgets for small and disadvantaged businesses. In some cases, these set-asides might consist of certain types of tasks on larger contracts. In other cases, entire contracts may be designated for small businesses.

During this webinar, attendees will learn

  • What government contracting is
  • What the benefits of government contracts are
  • How to get started as a contractor
  • How to find government clients
  • How to locate resources


Steve Devoe, vice president, Tiger Personnel Services Inc.

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