How the Equal Pay Act Affects Staffing Firms



For more than 50 years, employers have been obligated by law to pay comparable wages to men and women in the same workplace who perform comparable work. Nevertheless, statistics show a significant gap between average pay for men and average pay for women and minorities. Employers are at risk of being sued for unequal pay—and being penalized, even if the disparity was unintentional.

There may be several reasons for pay disparities, and understanding the causes can help employers protect against employee claims of unequal pay.

New equal pay laws target employer inquiries into salary history, employers’ use of compensation history to determine pay, employee rights to disclose and discuss compensation, and definitions of equal or comparable work that warrants equal pay. These changes affect job seekers, employees, employers, and staffing firms alike. They mean that your firm may need to review hiring and promotion practices, employment policies, and business operations. In this webinar, you’ll learn about your firm’s obligation under the law, when there might be permissible exceptions, how to conduct an audit, and how to document the process.

During this webinar, attendees will learn

  • What their legal obligations are under federal and state equal pay laws
  • Some potential causes for the gender pay gap
  • How to conduct an audit
  • When it is permissible to pay employees differently
  • Which laws relate to the interview process


David Gabor, partner, the Wagner Law Group

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