Everybody Got Sent Home…Now What? How to Manage Remote Workers



Before Covid-19, many of us still went to an office on a daily basis. Many organizations didn’t have a work-from-home or remote-work policy. Now, people who never worked from home before are working remotely—sometimes without knowing where in their home to sit, how to structure their day, or how to manage their technological tools. What can managers do to help them adapt and keep them on track?

During this webinar, industry experts Robin Mee and Kim Whiteley of Mee Derby will share tips and tricks based on their years of experience working with remote teams. Find out how to stay productive, provide structure, and manage your teams.

During this webinar, attendees will learn

  • How to create a setup at home that speaks business and has office hours
  • How to stay productive and motivated throughout the day
  • Tips and tricks for managing your team remotely and keeping them motivated


Kim Whiteley, director and executive recruiter, Mee Derby
Robin Mee, president, Mee Derby

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