How to Optimize Your Tech Stack and Maximize User Adoption


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Every day, staffing agencies and industry solution providers across the country are adding software enhancements to better recruit, onboard, manage, and retain talent and to increase performance metrics for business development. Often, however, agencies struggle with cross-functionality and adoption. How do you get unrelated software systems to work together? How do you get your internal teams to start using the new software and become proficient?

In this webinar, information technology expert Anastasia Valentine will share tips on how to reduce redundant processes, avoid functional regression, clean your staffing firm’s data, and use the data you’re gaining each day in new and empowering ways. This webinar will strive to touch on new topics you haven’t yet heard about.

During this webinar, attendees will learn

  • What functional regression is and whether their staffing company already has a relationship with it at work
  • How an organization can assess its processes to determine what tech is needed in its tech stack
  • Ways to clean, use, and build the data their company is collecting for maximum performance
  • How their staffing company can reduce redundant processes by integrating its tech stack


Anastasia ValentineAnastasia Valentine

President and managing partner, Resource 1

As the president and managing partner of Resource 1, Valentine is responsible for technical infrastructure and architecture, technical recruiting, marketing, and human resources initiatives. She has more than 20 years at Resource 1, is on the board of directors, and is involved in the overall strategic planning and implementation of long- and short-term goals. Over the past 25 years, Valentine has assisted global organizations in developing leading-edge technology through identifying and positioning talent.

Valentine is a two-time recipient of the Staffing Industry Analysts “Hackathon” award; has been a featured technology panelist for Staffing Industry Analysts, Bullhorn, StaffingTec, TechServe Alliance, and Staffing Hub.

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