Keeping Your Employees Engaged During Tumultuous Times



You want your sales and recruiting team to crush their quotas. The challenge is keeping your team of remote employees continuously and actively engaged so they can continue to succeed, even in a challenging environment. Working from home can lead people to feel isolated and abandoned, which can lead to low morale and loss of motivation.

In this session, Dan Fisher of Menemsha Group will share practical ideas and strategies for ensuring your employees stay engaged and continuously learn and grow while working remotely. Learn best practices for leveraging and deploying video technology, screen sharing, video conferencing technology, and cloud technologies for ensuring your remote workforce stays engaged and continues to flourish.

During this webinar, attendees will learn

  • The benefits of video-based training, and how to deploy it quickly and easily
  • The power of social learning and how to quickly and easily engage team members in social learning
  • Ideas for leveraging low-cost cloud technologies that keep employees engaged
  • How to utilize simple, fun training exercises to engage all the members of your team


Dan Fisher, founder, Menemsha Group

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