Leadership: You Can’t Manage People, So Manage Agreements



Where do you primarily spend your time as a manager: trying to manage your people’s emotions? Trying to manage your people’s personalities? Trying to motivate your people to be better than they are? Trying to manage unmanageable people? If you experience a lot of drama in your workplace, it may be because you’re trying to manage people—unsuccessfully.

Great leaders don’t try to manage people, personalities, motivation, or drama. They manage agreements.

In this webinar, Mike Jacoutot, former chief executive officer of a staffing company, will share best practices for getting the most out of your people, with the least drama, by managing agreements.

During this webinar, attendees will learn

  • How to set and manage agreements-not people, personalities, or emotions
  • How to eliminate the drama in your company
  • How you can create an environment of trust and respect that results in high performance


Mike Jacoutot, founder and managing partner, Butler Street Consulting

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