Turn Exceptional Experiences Into Industry-Leading Growth in a Postpandemic World


(Encore Presentation From Staffing World® 2021)


In March 2020, everything changed. A global pandemic coupled with a crippled economy accelerated the pace of change within the staffing industry in a way nobody had ever seen. While most staffing firms survived, those that will thrive in the “new normal” will have to deliver consistently remarkable service and credible evidence of their service quality. Brands like Amazon, Uber, and Airbnb have ushered in a new era of service transparency and opened the door to the consumerization of the staffing industry.

In this encore presentation from Staffing World 2021, Eric Gregg of ClearlyRated, an ASA corporate partner, will lead you through a 10-step playbook to amplify your firm’s growth prospects through a commitment to service excellence. Regardless of where your firm is on its customer experience (Cx) journey, you will find tried and true advice to build, maintain, and enhance your service ethos. You’ll leave this session not just with ideas, but also with actionable growth strategies for the postpandemic world. Get a staffing-firm specific playbook for how to elevate your firm’s customer experience and use that knowledge to unlock growth for your firm.

During this webinar, attendees will learn

  • How customer experience (Cx), growth, and increased gross margin are connected for staffing firms
  • How to benchmark your firm’s performance and what key metrics matter most for staffing firms
  • How to create an actionable, pragmatic playbook to center your firm’s growth strategy around Cx excellence


Eric Gregg, chief executive officer, ClearlyRated

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