Making the Most of Mentor/Mentee Relationships


Women In Leadership


Successful companies large and small use mentoring to increase employee retention, enable company succession plans, and improve workforce productivity. Companies are tackling some of their biggest workforce challenges with a variety of mentoring programs designed to help their employees and improve their firm’s overall success.

Hear from Kristen Harris, CSP, and Kerry Sirkka about ways that mentoring programs can help your staffing firm employees advance their careers and improve their value to your firm. Both Harris and Sirkka will discuss their unique experiences as mentors and mentees, and will provide best practices for a successful mentoring relationship.

During this webinar, attendees will learn

  • What mentoring is, the roles of a mentor and mentee, and how to find a mentor
  • Best practices for a beneficial mentoring relationship
  • The pros of a workplace mentoring program that encourages mentoring for career growth
  • How mentoring relationships address situational and business challenges
  • How to identify high-potential staff for leadership development


Kristen E. Harris, chief operating officer, co-founder, Portfolio Creative
Kerry Sirkka, vice president, travel nurse recruitment, AMN Healthcare Inc.

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