Master Digital Marketing to Improve Brand Credibility, Online Visibility, and Lead Generation



If you’re not using your website as a lead generation tool, you’re falling behind. As the marketing expert for your firm, it is important to have that competitive edge in the digital age. Tony Sorensen of Parqa Marketing has tips for how your company can simplify its digital marketing process.

In this webinar, find out about the importance of brand credibility, internal and online branding, and the value of your website. Sorensen will explain why you should invest in paid advertising and lead nurturing—and how that will help drive potential clients and candidates to the point where they’ll call you for a solution to their needs.

During this webinar, attendees will learn

  • A proven process for simplifying staffing firm digital marketing
  • Which marketing components your website needs so it can help drive sales
  • How staffing industry clients transformed their marketing processes


Tony Sorensen, chief executive officer, Parqa Marketing

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