Meeting Legal Accommodation Requirements for Placed Employees



Whether it’s a more flexible schedule, special equipment, leave, reassignment, or some other accommodation, staffing firms’ placed employees have the same right to accommodation under employment laws that a client’s internal employees have. However, when it comes to employees who are working on site with a client, staffing firms often find that complying with these requirements is complicated by the fact that the client generally controls the very areas that need to be accommodated.

What are the accommodation requirements that employment laws place on employers? How have those requirements have been applied in the staffing industry? How can staffing firms can handle accommodation requests without jeopardizing client relationships?

During this webinar, attendees will learn

  • Learn about the legal requirements relating to accommodations in the workplace
  • Find out how accommodation requirements have been applied in the staffing industry and what the law requires if a client refuses an accommodation
  • Learn how to spot and respond to an accommodation request and how to engage in the accommodation conversation process with a placed employee
  • Find out how minor changes to client agreements can make accommodation conversations with clients easier


Laura B. Friedel, partner, Levenfeld Pearlstein LLC

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