Promoting and Ensuring Temporary Worker Safety



Promoting and ensuring temporary worker safety and well-being is the responsibility of every staffing firm. In fact, the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s Temporary Worker Initiative says that both host employers and staffing firms have roles in complying with workplace health and safety requirements, and that they share responsibility for ensuring temporary worker safety and health.

Amy Harper of the National Safety Council will join industry safety experts Sharon Pancamo and Max Torres as they review a fictional case study, created jointly by ASA and the NSC in alliance with OSHA, using OSHA citations as a guideline.

The case study will provide practical information on whether staffing firms or host employers are responsible for training temporary workers, providing personal protective equipment, and reporting and recording temporary worker injuries on the OSHA 300 recordkeeping log.

Torres and Pancamo will share their experience with the new Safety Standard of Excellence program designed by ASA and the NSC to encourage staffing firms to adopt workplace safety best practices and standards and to foster and measure continuous safety improvement across all industry sectors.

During this webinar, attendees will learn

  • Which best practices can improve worker safety
  • Who is responsible for recording temporary worker injuries on the OSHA 300 recordkeeping log
  • How your firm can benefit from earning the Safety Standard of Excellence mark


Amy K. Harper, Ph.D., director for workplace safety initiatives, National Safety Council
Max Torres, manager of risk management, Helpmates Staffing Services,
Sharon Pancamo, dual CSHO, occupational safety manager, Elwood Staffing Services

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