Wage and Hour: Individual Employee and Class Action Claims



There’s been a surge of wage and hour claims and class and collective actions by U.S. workers, and some have resulted in adverse verdicts and significant fines against employers. Staffing companies’ wage policies and practices have become a target of federal and state regulators and plaintiff’s counsel.

Get an overview of recent developments in wage and hour lawsuits and class litigation and collective actions. Learn how your staffing company can mitigate the risk of a claim or, if one is filed against your firm, equip itself with an effective defense and create a strong evidentiary record to either defeat the challenge.

During this webinar, attendees will learn

  • What financial risks are posed by wage and hour class action lawsuits
  • What special wage and hour law challenges staffing companies face
  • Steps that staffing companies can take, before or during litigation, to help protect themselves against wage and hour claims


Melodie Craft, shareholder, Littler Employment & Labor Law Solutions Worldwide

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