Effective Leadership of Temporary and Contract Workers: Rethinking Our Labor Strategy


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In a time when managing temporary employees is compared with “inventory management,” data analysis shows that an engaged temporary workforce contributes to client success. Working in engineering, information technology, and scientific staffing, Joseph Lampinen of Kelly Services Inc. and Garrick A. Cooper TSC, CSP, of Volt Workforce Solutions have seen the ways that effective leadership of temporary and contract workers affects a company’s bottom line. In this webinar, they will explain the benefits and rewards of improving the engagement of your temporary workforce.

During this webinar, attendees will learn

  • What factors affect the performance of temporary and contract workers
  • How clients can provide effective leadership to temporary and contract workers without incurring excessive legal risk
  • Optimal leadership tactics and strategies to use when leading temporary and contract workers
  • How to attract and retain talent to achieve a better return on investment
  • How much turnover and unfilled positions cost companies


Joseph Lampinen, senior director, engineering services, Kelly
Garrick A. Cooper TSC, CSP, vice president, technical, Volt Workforce Solutions

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