Rewriting Office–Administrative Job Ads to Tell Your Company’s Story


Today’s program is brought to you by the ASA office–administrative section.
ASA Office–Administrative section.


Job seeker behavior has changed significantly over the past decade. Job boards are now app-based, and individual listings are quickly forgotten. Yet many companies have failed to evolve, keeping the same processes and systems in place and treating job ads like they are requisitions. In a market with an unemployment rate that’s at historically low levels, your job ads must be strategic, well thought out, and evocative.

During this webinar, Jacob Rhoades of Parker Staffing Services will examine how you can rewrite your staffing firm’s job ads to resonate with job seekers and take your recruiting to the next level.

During this webinar, attendees will learn

  • How to find a tone that resonates with job seekers in the office–administrative sector
  • How to differentiate their jobs from their competition’s
  • How to adopt basic principles of consumer marketing to reframe job ads


Jacob Rhoades, senior vice president, Parker Staffing

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