Robots and Humans in the Workforce: Staffing Solutions of the Future



This encore presentation of a Staffing World® 2017 session will conclude with a live Q&A with Jason Leverant, president and chief executive officer, AtWork Group.

The potential for robots to hijack sourcing and recruiting functions is causing angst among some staffing professionals, but is there really cause for alarm? Refresh your perspective and hear how robots can enhance the staffing industry, working side-by-side with humans. This webinar highlights working relationships that emerge within companies that use both temporary workers and robots and unveils today’s evolving workforce, proving that both internal and temporary associates can work successfully with robots. Attend this webinar for a vision of a truly comprehensive workforce solution.

During this webinar, attendees will learn

  • How the workforce has naturally evolved as technology has developed
  • How robotics will affect the staffing industry
  • How artificial intelligence has progressed and what that means for your business
  • How your workforce perceives robotic evolution
  • Where automation will happen


Jason Leverant, TSC, CSP, CSC, CHP, president and chief executive officer, AtWork Group
Doug Hammond, executive vice president, bicoastal/mid-state zone, Randstad
Landon Spring, vice president of operations, Big Joe Handling Systems

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