How Robots Will Enhance—Not Destroy—Recruiters’ Jobs


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Many recruiters fear that clients view them as commodities, and that automation and machines will eliminate their jobs. However, this fear is largely misguided. Like with so many past technological advances, the introduction of machine learning and other automation will result in recruiters being promoted.

In the future, services and robots will help manage tasks like scheduling interviews, screening resumes, and sending out emails, transforming recruiters into true executives—those who use their expertise in the labor market, their rich understanding of candidates, and their personal mastery of the craft of conversation to match the best talent to the best opportunities. The banalities of scheduling, screening, data entry, and follow up will be left to technological minions, essentially enabling humans to do what humans do best: form and grow relationships.

During this webinar, attendees will learn

  • How to navigate the new world of automation and artificial intelligence in staffing
  • How to separate fact from fiction in understanding which jobs and tasks will be automated away
  • How to visualize what candidates experience in deciding on a new job, and how recruiters can add value to their decision-making process
  • How to plan for automation’s impact on revenue and headcount over the next 5-10 years


Jonathan Novich, vice president of product, Bullhorn

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