Staffing Firm Budgeting and Forecasting



Staffing firms must use accounting information and financial statements to make informed business decisions. Creating a realistic budget is a critical tool for making those decisions. During this webinar, find out why every staffing firm should create a budget and learn how to create assumptions for revenue, costs, and profit. You’ll learn how to build a monthly cash flow forecast and how you can use your projections to finance new client projects. You’ll also gain an understanding of variances, and the benefits of comparing budgeting plans to actual results.

During this webinar, attendees will learn

  • The benefits of creating a budget
  • Steps for making revenue and cost assumptions
  • How to price your product, given your costs and gross margin forecast
  • How to create a cash flow forecast, and how to use the forecast to finance new client projects
  • How to improve your results by reviewing budget variances


Ken Boyd, chief educator,

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