Taking Care of Yourself: Secure Your Oxygen Mask First



High-performing leaders, and those who aspire to be, often sacrifice their personal health and well-being in their pursuit of business success. Even the most dedicated individual can be crushed by the weight of responsibilities. To triumph instead of being trampled, leaders must learn how to build their resilience.

In this webinar, strategic adviser and business coach Kevin Lawrence will share the 17 habits that high achievers must adopt to survive and thrive in business and life, and that professionals who recruit, mentor, and collaborate with these high performers must understand so they can help them go the distance. These are the insights and practical tools he has developed over 20 years of coaching chief executive officers and executive teams worldwide.

During this webinar, attendees will learn

  • How to understand, support, and manage high-performing employees
  • Which practical tools can double your resilience as you take on bigger challenges
  • How to get comfortable tackling tough conversations
  • What the mental health continuum model is and how to release pressure when you’re stressed


Kevin Lawrence, president, Lawrence & Co.

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