Teaching Clients to Keep Candidates Engaged



If you have ever been frustrated by a client’s inability to make an offer or get a candidate hooked in the first place, then save the date for this webinar.

The balance of power in the job market has gradually shifted from employers to employees over the past few years, resulting in a shortage of available talent and making it extremely important to be creative and act quickly once you’ve found a great match.

Teah Quinn, Esq., recruiter for Fillmore Search Group, will share tools that can help your clients secure top talent in this competitive field. Key takeaways include

  • Learn how to coach clients to define their company’s “sizzle” factor that gets candidates excited
  • Understand the science of letting candidates talk about themselves in interviews
  • Uncover the perks that candidates value most—other than fair compensation
  • Discover how to develop a sense of urgency with client companies once you present them with candidates
  • Explain how your services will help clients communicate better with candidates so they can close deals with top talent


Teah Quinn, Esq., specialized legal recruiter, Fillmore Search Group

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