The Art of Leading Remote Talent



You’ve likely worked with remote talent before, be they freelancers or full-time employees who have a flexible work arrangement with your company. But today, with many employees working remotely from home due to the Covid-19 crisis, you need a solid skill set for managing the workers you won’t see face-to-face in your offices.

During this webinar, Upwork vice president of customer insights Tim Sanders will give you the best practices in leading remote talent of all types—including how to tailor your communications. The tactics focus on platforms, cadences, nuance, and service level agreements on responsiveness. Sanders scoured academic and industrial research, as well as interviewed enterprise leaders experienced in remote talent management, to create this insightful and actionable program.

Long after your employees return to on-premise work, you’ll be able to put this workshop to use as you manage remote independent contractors. They are the key to developing an agile workforce that can drive key initiatives from business growth to digital transformation.

During this webinar, attendees will learn

  • Why a positive mental outlook is the key to engagement
  • How to improve engagement and use it as the key to productivity
  • Ways to make collaboration the key to innovation and problem solving


Tim Sanders, vice president of customer insights, Upwork

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