The Power of Millennial Alignment: Understanding the Future of Employee Engagement



It’s time we change the conversation about Millennials—from one of complaining to one of curiosity and learning. When we do, we will uncover the tremendous power we can draw on when we align our organizations with where the Millennial generation is already heading. In this webinar, Notter explores research from his latest book, When Millennials Take Over, that illustrates the important role Millennials play as decoders of the key changes that are happening in the business world today. Citing case studies from organizations that have cracked the code on both performance and employee engagement, Notter will explore the four key capacities organizations need to succeed and how to build them inside your organization, attracting Millennials as both employees and clients along the way.

During this ASA webinar, attendees will learn

  • How to create organizations that make sense to the largest generation in U.S. history
  • Specific cultural dynamics that are driving employee engagement in the digital age


Jamie Notter, founding partner, Culture That Works LLC

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