Technology Threats for Staffing Companies



New talent acquisition technologies are coming to market at a rapid pace—technology-enabled companies are gaining scale, tools for in-house recruiters are becoming more effective, and digital platforms and service providers are beginning to look like staffing companies. In this 30-minute webinar, Brian Delle Donne and Jonathan Kestenbaum of Talent Tech Labs will look at advances in talent acquisition technology and the offerings available to staffing companies right now. Find out which key areas are changing, learn about the benefits your companies can realize by adopting emerging technologies, and find out why your company should take these technologies seriously.

During this webinar, attendees will learn

  • How economic and political trends are shaping wider talent pool
  • What business opportunities can be generated by emerging talent acquisition technologies
  • Which technology solutions are adapting best in a rapidly changing environment
  • How to identify and use the state of the art in talent acquisition technology


Brian Delle Donne, president, Talent Tech Labs
Jonathan Kestenbaum, managing director, Talent Tech Labs

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