The Staffing Industry

Companies need employees. People need jobs. And the staffing industry brings them together. Whether for temporary or seasonal assignments, contract engagements, or permanent placement, the staffing industry gives employees a bridge to permanent employment and it gives businesses the skilled labor and flexibility to create effective workforce solutions.


A Vital Workforce that Supports the Economy

Every week, staffing companies put more than three million employees to work in America’s offices, factories, hospitals, warehouses, and jobsites—virtually every place that Americans work, staffing employees are on the job. Continue reading »

Staffing Industry Facts & Data

ASA pulls together the facts and data, from its own surveys and external sources, to characterize the size and scope of the industry and the people who work in it.

Meet America's Staffing Employees

These individuals have taken different paths to become staffing employees, and each has reaped unique benefits. Browse through dozens of staffing employee stories from ASA member firms.

Code of Ethics for Staffing Firms

ASA promotes high standards of ethical conduct in dealings with employees, clients, and competitors. All ASA members member pledge support of, and adherence to, these principles and practices.

Bridging the Skills Gap
ASA and Jobs for America’s Graduates

Finding employees with specific skill sets is a growing problem for employers, particularly in areas such as skilled trades. Acquiring those skills can be a challenge for young people just out of high school trying to start a career. Ergo, the skills gap.

Staffing firms, on the front lines of the hiring process, have an obvious interest in bridging that gap. To that end, ASA has forged a partnership with Jobs for America’s Graduates, a nonprofit that assists tens of thousands of young people all across America to develop core employability skills and get the training they need to prepare for entry-level skilled jobs.


ASA 2023 Staffing Operations Benchmarks Survey

ASA Workforce MonitorMore than three-quarters of employed U.S. adults (79%) are satisfied with their employers’ pandemic-related return-to-work plans. Download the infographic »

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