ACA Compliance Panel: Lessons Learned From Five Years of Employer Mandate Enforcement


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In 2015 the Affordable Care Act’s employer mandate officially went into effect, immediately plunging staffing firms into the unfamiliar and complex waters of required benefit, compliance, and reporting. The Biden administration has made strengthening the ACA a key priority, and the U.S. Internal Revenue Service has announced an end to “good faith” reporting relief. With all signs pointing to much stricter reporting and penalty enforcement, it is more important than ever to ensure you are in compliance with ACA requirements.

In this webinar, Marco Nunez of ASA corporate partner Essential StaffCARE will moderate a panel discussion—including such topics as who is considered an applicable large employer, which employees are eligible, whether new hires considered full-time or variable hour, how quickly an offer of coverage needs to be made, who gets a 1095-C form, and what the penalties are for failing to provide employee notifications or IRS reporting.

During this webinar, attendees will learn

  • What their staffing firm’s obligations are, under the ACA, to offer coverage to employees
  • What notifications their staffing firm must provide, under the ACA, and what their reporting obligations are
  • How to confidently assess whether or not their staffing firm is fully and properly complying with its ACA obligations


Marco Nunez, senior analyst, Essential StaffCARE
John Walters, senior vice president of business development, Essential StaffCARE
Kimberly Harrison, vice president of business development and support, Essential StaffCARE

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