Complying With OSHA’s Covid-19 Health Care Emergency Temporary Standard


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The U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration has published its long-anticipated emergency temporary standard (ETS) regarding Covid-19 focused on the health care industry. The ETS includes brand-new provisions, such as requiring that employers pay employees who are removed from the workforce due to Covid-19 or risk administrative penalties and potential punitive damages. During this webinar, legal experts from Seyfarth Shaw LLP will discuss best practices for complying with the provisions of the ETS.

During this webinar, attendees will learn

  • Who is covered by the ETS and what eployers are required to do
  • What inspection procedures OSHA has established for compliance with the ETS and how employers can respond to OSHA inspections
  • Best practices for compliance with the ETS, including the new medical removal paid leave provision
  • Recommendations for staffing companies as to their ETS obligations


Benjamin D. Briggs, partner, labor and employment, Seyfarth Shaw LLP
Mark A. Lies II, partner, labor and employment, Seyfarth Shaw LLP
Daniel R. Birnbaum, associate, labor and employment, Seyfarth Shaw LLP

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