ASA Staffing Tech Insights: Getting Better Return on Your Job Advertising Spend



Learn how job distribution platforms and programmatic advertising tools are being applied to give staffing companies greater visibility into their job advertising budgets and to improve returns on those dollars. Job distribution platforms aim to optimize promotion and distribution of job openings. Programmatic advertising is a data-centric process of recruitment advertising that uses machine-to-machine communication to purchase online job ads.

Host Steve Berchem, ASA chief operating officer, will interview Talent Tech Labs president Brian Delle Donne about the job distribution platforms and programmatic advertising tools available to staffing firms right now. You’ll also hear from an exclusive panel of technology solution providers and get insights from a staffing company executive about one company’s experience with the technology.

During this webinar, attendees will learn

  • How job distribution platforms can extend the reach of your job posts
  • How programmatic advertising is helping staffing firms get better performance from their job ads
  • How these tools can help your firm get a higher return for your job advertising budget


Hosted by Steve Berchem, CSP, chief operating officer, American Staffing Association
Brian Delle Donne, president, Talent Tech Labs

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