Guardians at the Gate: How to Use Restrictive Covenants to Protect Your Assets


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Employees are a staffing firm’s most important asset; your staffing firm has an economic interest in retaining the employees it hires. Can you use noncompete or nonsolicitation agreements in your state to incentivize employees to stay with your firm? What new developments around restrictive covenants should employers in your state know about? During this webinar, Fox Rothschild partners Diane Geller and Heather Ries will discuss these topics and answer your questions about employment agreements and other legislative concerns.

During this webinar, attendees will learn

  • How to distinguish between noncompete agreements, nonsolicitation clauses, and confidentiality provisions in employment contracts
  • What staffing firms should put in a noncompete or nonsolicitation agreement
  • What exposure risks a staffing firm may face when it hires a candidate subject to a noncompete or confidentiality agreement with a prior employer


Diane J. Geller, partner, Fox Rothschild
Heather L. Ries, partner, Fox Rothschild

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